Mallory's shop.

After buying the island upgrade(250 G) player's island will have a new NPC and a chicken coop building. This building and NPC are used to produce eggs. Talking to the NPC gives the player 2 purchase options.

Player can decide to buy a chicken/rooster for 250 G. After making the purchase player has exactly 50% chance of getting either gender. Chickens have 2 stats, Hunger and Health. Every new chicken(bought or hatched) spawns with 5 Hunger and Health. Every couple of hours a "food check" is made and if there is any feed in stock it will be consumed, giving the chicken +1 hunger. After a chicken's hunger reaches 10, +1 value will instead go to their health. Their current health and hunger does not change egg spawn rates.


A male(right) and a female(left) in the chicken coop.

If there is no feed in stock their hunger will go down by one. After hunger reaches 0, the health will go down instead. Chickens die when they have 0 health.

Two types of eggs can be produced.

  • Non-fertile(white) Eggs
  • Fertile(yellow) Eggs

Both types can be picked up and consumed. Consuming an egg gives the player 3 HP permanently. Non-fertile eggs only require a female to spawn and their sole purpose is to be consumed by the player to give a permanent HP boost.

Fertile eggs require a male and a female. Fertile eggs hatch in 8 hours after spawning. After the egg hatches it has 50/50 chance to spawn a male or a female. The chicken will spawn as an adult and it can contribute to the production chain immediately. That is why it is not recommended to pick up fertile eggs.

In the current version, besides buying a sword in the town, chicken coops are the only way to spend gold.